When Federico Tondelli etablished the agency in 2009, it started with a handful singers. In the meantime, PrimaFilaartists has gained the reputation of a professional agency for opera singers, conductors as well as stage directors.

PrimaFilaartists represents well-established artists, who have already made a name of themselves in the classic scene. On the other hand, we are strong in discovering and supporting young and promising talents.
Artists profit from the very personal and cherishing support and assistance of the agency. In addition, opera houses, theatres and concert organizers appreciate our competence in suggesting cast.

We cultivate a precious international network - combined with our profound market knowledge and excellent contacts this literally sets the tone.


All over the world we act as an agent for promising talents and renowned artists of the opera scene.


We offer a first-class spectrum from classical Italian repertoire up to modern contemporary music.


In collaboration with you, PrimaFilaartists is as much a sensible as expert partner to develop suggestions for the ideal cast.

Sounds interesting.

We are happy to send you explicit biographies of a certain artist and look forward to your request.

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